One of my favorite short stories is “Bernice Bobs Her Hair,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald and published by the Saturday Evening Post in 1920. My mother was 10 at that time, and I’m not sure if she ever got a flapper hairstyle.

I’ve always loved long hair. When a salon stylist once cut my hair really short, I went home and cried for days. So, every stylist since that time has been given a threat…before we come to a complete understanding of how to measure inches on a ruler. Don’t get me wrong, I really like short hair on others, just not on me!

As I wrote on my website:, I will be publishing on this blog some of my writings, especially the poetry. Today, I’m sharing a poem about my godly grandmother, Pearl (McNabb) Smith.

Have you every had a bad haircut? Did you ever give one? Anyone know about a “bowl cut” for boys? or a G.I. cut? Share your experience with me, especially if you like Fitzgerald’s short stories.


They say older women shouldn’t wear long hair.

They say older women shouldn’t show gray.

They say…

Who are “they” anyway?

They, obviously, never saw my grandma remove hair

pins from braids or a bun.

They never watched her glory cascade

past frail shoulders.

They never saw the free-flowing locks tossed

from side-to-side like a weeping willow

in a gentle breeze.

They never saw her reflection in the mirror,

or heard her easy style. “Well, hush my mouth,”

Grandma used to say, untangling many a problem

and smoothing static in her hair and in the air.

They never smelled the sweet scent emitted

from her scalp as I placed a kiss there.

No, they never knew any of that, or learned

to count as Grandma brushed her 100 strokes.

But I did.

Grandma’s hair wasn’t bobbed, dyed, permed, or moussed.

It was long, gray, straight, and beautiful.

What do “they” know?




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Saylorville Church Tea 6-21-2017 9-50-19 AMCoffee or tea? That was a familiar question when flying on most airlines 50 years ago. Today’s options are numerous, and some come with a price. For years, I gave up coffee altogether and opted only for tea.

These days, I like both coffee and tea in various forms: hot, iced, flavored, or plenty of cream. The only special occasion for me to indulge is waking up in the morning, but a High Tea or Royal Tea is a different matter. They’re special because you don’t get a paper cup at Starbucks or the drive-thru at Dutch Brothers.

In 1989, I was involved with women’s ministries at Saylorville Baptist Church in Des Moines, Iowa. We invited Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II to attend our up-coming High Tea. Our special invitations were uniquely designed with lace and ribbons. This was one of the replies:

I am commanded by The Queen to write and thank you for your invitation to attend a High Tea at your Church.

Although Her Majesty is unable to accept, she thought it was very kind of you to invite her.

It was on official stationery from Balmoral Castle and signed by “Lady-in-Waiting.

I’ll be volunteering at the Maricopa Public Library with my granddaughter, Ashlee, for a Royal Tea. We will help children with selecting and fitting crowns for this special occasion. Everyone should feel like royalty no less.

Last week, Christians remembered the “Crown of Thorns” Messiah Jesus wore at a very different kind of party. Dying on the cross, He was in the company of two thieves. One repented and was promised to be with Jesus in Paradise. Faithful believers are promised various crowns: crown of life, crown of glory, crown of righteousness…incorruptible.

close up of gate of buckingham palace

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I don’t know if I’ll wear a crown at the Royal Tea next week, but when I get to heaven, I’ll wear a crown, because God promised. Like the 24 elders who cast their crowns at Jesus’ feet, that’s what I want to do.

Jesus is “Royalty No Less.” You see, He paid a high price…His sinless life. He is King Jesus!

Do you have a story about a special occasion involving coffee, tea, or crowns? Let me and the other readers know (or you may be in hot water). God bless you, friends.

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Rescue Babies/The Moses Project

Compare a recent Virginia governor to the wicked Egyptian king in “progressive” biblical times.  Midwives were ordered by the king to kill newborn boys  (Ex. 1:15-22). They refused. God blessed the midwives by giving them their own families. Next, the king ordered all of the people to throw boy babies in the River Nile. The king’s own daughter disobeyed.

A three-month-old boy was placed in a basket and floated on the Nile. When a maid of the king’s daughter heard his cry, she felt sorry for him and RESCUED the baby. The princess named him, “Moses,” meaning: “I lifted him out of the water.”

After watching a news story featuring Virginia’ s Governor Ralph Northam, I knew one thing for sure: America (that’s us, folks) needs to deliver a downright overdue refusal. Babies cannot be murdered before or after birth! We are a civilized country, right?

Dogs are rescued every day, and we applaud those giving their “best friend” a chance at life. Keep up the good work. My family and I have rescued several dogs. But really? Shouldn’t human beings be given even more love? More compassion? A chance to live and grow up to enjoy the kind of life that those who advocate murdering babies have had…a chance to experience love. Just give babies a chance.

For those mothers who do not want their children for whatever reason, please, let someone adopt and love your precious baby. I was able to adopt a baby after having two biological children, and my daughter adopted three ( a boy and twin girls). The babies were of a different race, cocaine exposed, and with learning disabilities, but so lovable.

The Moses Project asks: Will you lift babies out of the water–advocate for babies yet to be born? How about speaking up for newly born babies facing the murderous hand of a doctor? Remember the Golden Rule? Would you have wanted someone to fight for your life? Most of us are glad that we were born and lived. I am. And I didn’t have such a cushy childhood, either. I had lots of  love, though!

You can read the rest of the story about Moses in Scripture, the Book of Exodus. I hope you will, as the Bible is our only source of Truth…and Hope.

baby sleeping in a basket and a round feather surrounding the basket

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Dance of Motion~~Starlings

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Dance of Motion~~Starlings

At my church last week, one of the worship leaders showed a video clip of starlings in synchronized flight over  Scotland. Some of the fascinating statistics made me think of God’s plan for His people: Christians. A correlation can be made between starlings and the Body of Believers.

Starlings, in their dance of motion, are responding to a predator. They become more synchronized with greater threats. Because they share in a flight for survival, they create and perform at majestic levels.

To watch a flock of starlings is an extraordinary sight. Thousands of birds move in unison like one body of liquid motion. The term is “mpexels-photo-203088.jpegurmurations” and is a result of  thousands of pairs of wings producing a low, continuous distinct sound. In this manner, starlings are splendid singers, making up a heavenly chorus.

More recent scientific tools for video analysis reveal patterns of the starlings’ movement. Their systems are poised to tip and instantaneously become completely transformed. Each starling is connected to and influenced by every other bird in the flock. They move in unison like a single entity, called “phase transition.” When a bird moves or changes speed, so do all of his neighbors, whether they be near or far.

Could they be governed beyond the usual rules of biology? The instantaneous speed in which flocks process signals  simultaneously is still unknown, but in doing so, they create glorious patterns. The phenomenon  transcends science.

Without a leader of the formations, any starling can change the path of the others. All birds in the flock remain equally responsive to signals.

Wouldn’t it be lovely for Christians to join in the dance of motion?

When the evil one comes along, the body of Christ bands together to ward him off. Prayers are whispered in unison producing a distinct sound in the ear of a faithful God. When a neighbor is threatened by financial loss, family disappointment, or failing health all believers in God’s flock petition their Father. Prayers are heard by God even before they are uttered…talk about instantaneous speed transcending science!

Who will take the leadership? Any believer in tune with the Lord cpexels-photo-145919.jpegan do it. I want to be like a starling. How about you?

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Click on this link (or copy and paste) to watch a YouTube video of starlings in flight: 

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Fountain Hills~~Forever First

I am a businessman. This is what I do each and                                                                       every day. I love it. I love coming to work.                                                                                   I never have a bad day. ~~ Magic Johnson



         FO3D89~1Most of us remember our first time doing any number of things: first day of school, first roller coaster ride, first job, first car, first kiss, first surgery, or first trip abroad. One of my most outstanding “firsts” was in 1982, visiting beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona.

That first impression and love for the town has lasted 35 years. Granted, Fountain Park has evolved over time, but even back then I sat on the grassy knoll and was mesmerized by the fountain shooting up 560 feet, powered by three pumps. The rainbow I saw on that first visit promised more than a pot of gold. Little did I know that someday I would move from Iowa to what I now call “Paradise.”

When Robert P. McCulloch first bought 4,500 acres in 1960, he changed a once large cattle ranch into a new town. Helping to put Fountain Hills “on the map” was Charles Wood, Jr. who had worked with Walt Disney on designing Disneyland. His concept provided the landmark we admire today…The Fountain.

McCulloch first planned to attract property buyers with the then “World’s Highest Fountain.” His 1972 “fly-before-you-buy” sales program flew in prospective buyers from the Midwest and back East. They were then given tours in white jeeps to select their properties.

At first, the community was remote from the rest of the Valley. “Why would anyone want to live way out there?” With a current population of around 24,000, hardly anyone would ask that question today. Residents and visitors alike enjoy a resort-like community with renowned golf courses, unique shops, restaurants, hiking trails, great entertainment and events, like the Great Fair, the Fountain Festival of Arts and Crafts, and the only Thanksgiving Day parade held in Arizona.

Fountain Hills boasts of excelling schools for pre-school through high school. We welcome the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) as the town’s latest addition, offering students options for vocational training.

Situated northeast of Scottsdale in the Shea Boulevard corridor, Fountain Hills is less than 30 minutes from Sky Harbor Airport and the Phoenix Valley. McDowell Mountain Regional Park is minutes away. The town of Fountain Hills neighbors the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. As of the 2006 census, Fountain Hills was the eighth fastest-growing place among cities and towns in Arizona.

For me, the first visit to Fountain Hills will always be the most memorable, but the town’s progressive moves with Park Grand and possibly Crystal Lagoon make it even more impressive. I’ve watched roads being built, signal lights added, businesses move in, Eagle Mountain, Eagle’s Nest, Sunridge Canyon, and Fire Rock custom homes being built, while a sense of small town community thrives. When I drive from Shea Boulevard to Palisades and round the curves in the road at the top of the hill, I see a beautiful and breathtaking sight. Blue sky over luxury homes with desert landscapes, million-dollar views of mountain ranges, and the famous fountain jetting upward remind me of how blessed I am to live here. Fountain Hills will be my forever first place that I call home (aka “Paradise”).

MCO Realty is proud to have had the privilege of developing the town. Need a first-class realty company? Want an experienced agent? Expect excellence? Call MCO Realty FIRST.

Contact Real Estate Sales Executive, Effie Gross at (480) 540-1906. Email: Websites: and

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The Shack

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