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  For nine seasons beginning in 1971, “The Waltons” family television series brought wholesome entertainment into living rooms across the nation. During WWII, struggles turned into opportunities to show love for the children, mother, father, grandparents and neighbors. Those were … Continue reading

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Coffee or tea? That was a familiar question when flying on most airlines 50 years ago. Today’s options are numerous, and some come with a price. For years, I gave up coffee altogether and opted only for tea. These days, … Continue reading

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Business Ethics 101

“The real estate business has a lot of unethical people in it,” I said to my broker recently. “There’s a lot of unethical people in the world,” he corrected me by expanding on my complaint. Now I understand why some large … Continue reading

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Got Manners?

What do you have when you combine a Bavarian china tea set, mother,  grandmother (“Bubbe”), and twin girls? Sounds like a tea party to me. Add manners and you’ve got the perfect social event, lessons and laughter. Once I offered … Continue reading

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