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Profanity Insanity

Do you have a pet word or phrase when you hit your thumb with the hammer? My sister-in-law, Gloria, used to say, “Oh, fudge.” I admit that I usually say, “Darn it!” Today, a large number of people, even minors, … Continue reading

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The Art of Cursive Writing

At what grade I learned cursive writing, I do not recall. What I do remember is the feeling of making the artistic strokes, taking time to form each letter and then give the words my own little bit of flair. … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Writing–A Psalm

Everyone is a writer these days, it seems. Funny, I never wanted to call myself a writer. The word sounded too lofty, too intelligent, too exclusive.  For the longest time, I could rationalize: because I write, I must be a … Continue reading

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Breathing in Hebrew

  Psalm 122:6 (Photo Credit: Effie-Alean Gross, 2007) Since I was a teenager, I have been fascinated with language. My girlfriends and I made up a code language, using “i-b” after the first consonant of each syllable in a word. We … Continue reading

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