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Identity Crisis Over

Over 35 years ago, I wrote a weekly column entitled, “Etcetera, etc.” As a follow up on my last post, “It’s All About Me, Me, Me…Effie,” I’m including it here. This should prove that the more things change, the more they … Continue reading

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The Art of Cursive Writing

At what grade I learned cursive writing, I do not recall. What I do remember is the feeling of making the artistic strokes, taking time to form each letter and then give the words my own little bit of flair. … Continue reading

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The Stuff of Life

In one of my English classes recently, I asked my students to read an essay entitled, “Why We Keep Stuff,” by Caroline Knapp. She wrote about keeping ATM receipts, movie ticket stubs, and “cigarette” jeans from her anorexia days. Why hang … Continue reading

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