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Three prayers, three answers, by the three-in-one God.

First, when I was about three or four years old, I lived on the south side of Des Moines with my four siblings. They didn’t, but I contracted polio. My cousin lived down the street and she had to stay in an iron lung in the hospital.

Due to lack of finances, our family of seven lived in two buses on a vacant lot. One day, I was weak and couldn’t walk. My dad carried me. My mom took me to the doctor. I took medicine, and since it was summer, I slept outside on an army cot. My mom knew just what to do. She walked down the street, got my grandmother, Pearl Smith, and they together knelt by my bed under a star-lit sky and prayed to God for my healing. Soon I could walk and eventually entered kindergarten. Thank the Lord for healing.

Second, around 1998, after our children were grown and we had moved to Arizona, I was facing serious back surgery, a complicated thoracic procedure involving collapsing a lung at Barrow Neurological Institute and operating through my side rather than back.

Roland, my dear husband came home from church one Sunday prior to my surgery and told me about the message. Sometimes God uses unusual ways provide healing: mud on the eyes, etc. Roland believed God wanted him to wrap the two of us together under his blue and white prayer shawl and ask God for healing. I was so moved by this otherwise practical man’s suggestion; we had never done this before or since. Wrapped in the loving arms of my husband and our heavenly Father, Roland prayed for my up-coming surgery.

Yes, God answered. Recovery went well. Under the tent of God’s love, we thanked Him.

Third: as recent at 2017, my doctor read the results of an ultrasound on my leg and told me that I had a complete blockage. Further, if my let got red, hot, or changed I needed to go to the ER immediately. Yes, I could lose my leg.

Every day I prayed. Then, I called my church, Scottsdale Bible, and asked the pastor and elders to pray for me. I was so scared. They set up an appointment and about thirty of them gathered around me and prayed. I followed up with a visit to a specialist who ran another test and assured me that my leg was fine. Either the first test was wrong, or God answered prayer. I like to believe the latter.

Praise God for his healing touch…all three times!

Jesus, He cast out the spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick…Himself took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses (Matt. 8:16, 17).

Question: When did you last receive God’s healing, physical or otherwise? How did you feel about your miracle?

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