Des Moines, Iowa. The church where Effie got saved at age 13.

THANKSGIVING is a time for “giving thanks,” so that’s what I’ll do. Actually, I’m sharing with you my Personal Letter #100 that I wrote to God on March 13, 2018. It reads in part:

Dear GOD,


“Besides physical life, you have given me an abundant life through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Thank you for forgiveness of my sin. My life is eternal, based on the promises of your Word (John 10:28). I shall never perish…I’ll just move to my new (forever) home in heaven. Thank you, Lord!

Listed below are a few ways you have blessed me (to name them all would be humanly impossible). I am thankful for:

  • My birth parents, siblings, husband, children, and grandchildren
  • Extended family and friends
  • Relationships
  • Born in America
  • Taken and sent to church
  • Pastors and churches teaching Truth
  • Education (The ability to read…especially the Bible) College Degrees
  • Various Jobs: Age 13 – 74
  • Travel: National and International
  • Gifts: Natural and Spiritual: Writing, Speaking, and Teaching
  • Health (despite surgeries) – Ability to walk
  • Provision of food and shelter above anything I ever dreamed
  • Peace and joy, even in difficult, trying times
  • Songs in the night
  • Answers to prayer/ Protection from harm, close calls
  • The Five Senses: Hearing, Sight, Taste, Touch, and Smell
  • Memory/Good Memories
  • Music/Art/ Nature: birds chirping, mountain ranges, meadows, flowers, trees
  • Thank you for putting me in a family with Jonathan and Jesse. The loneliness has subsided, and I don’t feel abandoned.

Lord, the list could go on forever.

In sincere gratitude and love, your child,

Effie-Alean (Groves) Gross

a.k.a. My New Name (which I don’t know yet)”

For what are you thankful? Send me one word or a list. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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