Dance of Motion~~Starlings

At my church last week, one of the worship leaders showed a video clip of starlings in synchronized flight over  Scotland. Some of the fascinating statistics made me think of God’s plan for His people: Christians. A correlation can be made between starlings and the Body of Believers.

Starlings, in their dance of motion, are responding to a predator. They become more synchronized with greater threats. Because they share in a flight for survival, they create and perform at majestic levels.

To watch a flock of starlings is an extraordinary sight. Thousands of birds move in unison like one body of liquid motion. The term is “mpexels-photo-203088.jpegurmurations” and is a result of  thousands of pairs of wings producing a low, continuous distinct sound. In this manner, starlings are splendid singers, making up a heavenly chorus.

More recent scientific tools for video analysis reveal patterns of the starlings’ movement. Their systems are poised to tip and instantaneously become completely transformed. Each starling is connected to and influenced by every other bird in the flock. They move in unison like a single entity, called “phase transition.” When a bird moves or changes speed, so do all of his neighbors, whether they be near or far.

Could they be governed beyond the usual rules of biology? The instantaneous speed in which flocks process signals  simultaneously is still unknown, but in doing so, they create glorious patterns. The phenomenon  transcends science.

Without a leader of the formations, any starling can change the path of the others. All birds in the flock remain equally responsive to signals.

Wouldn’t it be lovely for Christians to join in the dance of motion?

When the evil one comes along, the body of Christ bands together to ward him off. Prayers are whispered in unison producing a distinct sound in the ear of a faithful God. When a neighbor is threatened by financial loss, family disappointment, or failing health all believers in God’s flock petition their Father. Prayers are heard by God even before they are uttered…talk about instantaneous speed transcending science!

Who will take the leadership? Any believer in tune with the Lord cpexels-photo-145919.jpegan do it. I want to be like a starling. How about you?

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