To Write or Not To Write Letters

Since I was a little girl, I watched my mother write letters at the main Post Office in Des Moines, Iowa. Back then we didn’t have zip codes or forty-nine cent stamps, not that those things matter. The letters Mom wrote were in cursive and sent to those she cared enough about to take the time and effort to let them know. Mom took the city bus, because she never drove a car.

When I was with her, I stood and looked up at a glass top table in art deco style. The atmosphere inside the post office was friendly, brisk with business people frequenting the main lobby. It wasn’t a place to stand and chat; like the libraries of that decade; it was quiet. Men and women were composing “gifts from the heart.”

Appropriately enough, I launched my letter writing campaign, of sorts, in April–National Letter Writing Month. When you visit my website: or go to YouTube you will be inspired to write a long overdue letter.

On my website, I offer stationery packets that can be ordered and paid through PayPal. I hope you will like my YouTube video, Face Book page, and everywhere else you see my name in electronic media.

The images below are from a postcard showing the old Des Moines Post Office.

Would you like to see letter writing revived? Why or why not?



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