Christmas Gift Giving

Ken & Kathi's Pella, IA tree

Ken & Kathi’s tree in Pella, Iowa

Note: This is a guest post written last year by my son, Ken Gross. Any feedback, I will forward on to him. 1-IMG_0273 

Christmas 2014 Thoughts

The spirit of Christmas has been spoken of often, but do we consider what that means?  I was thinking of the tradition of gift giving and was inspired to write these thoughts down after reading someone else’s musings on Christmas.

I believe the heart of Christmas is in gift giving.  I believe the essence of Christmas can be summarized in one simple thought.  A gift was given so that what was once impossible, is now possible.

We all have been given many gifts beginning with life itself.  Beyond that we have gifts that are wrapped up in who we are.  We call some of these gifts by other words such as talent or ability.  I think of creativity in the different arts as a gift.  The ability to be a wordsmith and craft a phrase, just so.  The ability to take a picture, capturing light in a way that provokes thought or emotion.  Sometimes we are given gifts that are in disguise and harder to see such as compassion for our fellow human beings.

We make decisions every day about gift giving.  It may only come to the surface at Christmas time, but it is there in the background all year long.  We make decisions about what we keep for ourselves and what we will give away.  I believe we are all called to gift giving.

We have a responsibility to unwrap the gifts within ourselves and to give them away, but gift giving comes at a cost.  It takes it’s toll on us mentally and emotionally.  Sometimes a gift of great cost is rejected.  Sometimes a gift given is misused.  Gift giving is a risky thing, risky if we focus on ourselves and not the receiver.  A gift given in the spirit of Christmas does not consider the risks or what the giver looses.

Will you chose this Christmas to give from the gifts that you were given?  Will you unwrap the talents hidden inside you and take a risk?  Will you endure the cost of gift giving, such as rejection and miss-use.  We face decisions, small and great throughout the year that hinge on that simple Christmas thought, will you give a gift that in someone else’s life, will make what was once impossible, possible.

Colossians says that we who were once enemies of God can now be called friends through the gift of God, Jesus Christ.

You have the power of a gift.”  ~~Ken Gross; Williams, Arizona

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  1. CenturyLink Customer says:

    Great job Ken!  Good food for thought!

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