A Dime A Dozen

Simple math tells us that at the rate of a dime a dozen, one (of anything)  is equivalent to a value of $0.0083.  Cheap!

So, what can we buy at a rate like that? You can’t even get penny candy anymore. Shocking, huh? Time to visit Goodwill or go dumpster diving. Everything is expensive these days. Guess I’ll drift off to visit my memories…they’re still free.

My first brand new three-bedroom house in Des Moines, Iowa cost $12,000, including upgrades of a cedar shake roof and plush red bedroom carpeting.

When I dro8203 Leisure Laneeve by the house on Leisure Lane (actual street name) in May of this year, I saw changes. It had a fence that wasn’t there back in 1966, the elm tree was mature and the lot had shrunk. I wish I had a dime for the dozens of times I remember those days in that house.

A black-and-white family photo was taken there: Mom, Dad, my three brothers and one sister with me. I had a lace tablecloth on the dining room table and a tiny table with two fold-down leaves in the kitchen. My daughter helped her younger brother escape the crib, and my son later learned to ride the tricycle in cowboy boots on the front sidewalk. Memories.

My late husband, Roland, received Jesus as his Savior in that house. I rededicated my life to the Lord there. We sold all of our earthly possessions and the house we loved to move our two pre-school children to Greenville, SC. There, Roland and I attended Bob Jones University. We had left Leisure Lane for good.

At my age (which I refuse to reveal), almost any topic at any given moment can generate a memory. They’re a dime a dozen…worth a million!

What is it that triggers your fondest memories? Bubble gum, marbles, losing the first tooth, lightning bugs, snow, the smell of apple pie, the touch of corduroy, the taste of lemonade, or making mud pies? I’d love to hear about your memories…a house, maybe?

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4 Responses to A Dime A Dozen

  1. Floyd says:

    Great post. Funny how the most valuable things in this life can’t be purchased with money or calculated by a number. Being in the business, it dawned on me a long time ago that most of us measure the chapters in our lives by the homes we lived in at the time. They’re great memory stirring sticks.

    Along with homes, for me, music is a one that sends me back in time. When we’re striving for our Father’s will He provides at the time and then after that in fond memories. What a gift.

  2. Deborah Hamel says:

    Your posts always cause me to pause and appreciate what I had and what I have now. Your are so right Floyd, my homes have been the identifier in the time lime of my life.

  3. Larry says:

    We set at the Lord’s table (Lords Supper) to fellowship, breaking of bread and to prayer.

    Yet, there is another table, which I will simply call “that table”
    My memory may not serve me right but I remember dinner wanting in the new time controlled oven, (I was impressed) after church one sunny summer day.
    First time I heard ‘He could of called a thousand Angles” on a turn table. But back to
    “that table”. It may not of came from the house on Leisure Lane, but the memories are true.
    The bible was opened and Scriptures read from a cheat sheet in the back of Roland’s Scofield Bible. I don’t remember for sure all the words spoken that day or the dinner on “that table”
    But the words of the Lord do not return void.
    I held onto “that table” for a long time. My mother used it, then my daughter.
    No “that table” is no longer with us but the word of our Lord stays forever.
    I saw the picture of the house on Leisure Lane, I may have been there only once? but “That table”
    says it all for my memories of days past in History. Many other times I have been blessed by the family of Roland and Effie.
    I wish I would of asked or talked more instead of looking at “that table”
    We all take different roads, different lives, but they all lead to Home with our Lord and then we will have A Marriage Supper. What type of table will that be?
    Thanks for bring back the memories of those wonderfull days.
    Thank you Effie, and (Roland) for your friendship of a time long ago.
    No I won’t mention age either 🙂

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