Persons of Influence

Back when I was a teenager living in Iowa, I read Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends & Influence People. It was first published in 1937. Today, I know that I needed that book, since I was so shy and quiet. (Those who know me now can stop laughing!)

I feel as though I have a lot of friends, but as far as influencing anyone, I guess I’ll never know this side of heaven. However, countless persons have influenced me. Most for the good, I’m happy to report.

So, my next writing project is developing in my mind. Write letters to the major men, women, and children in my life who have influenced me in one way or another. Some of the letters I plan to write will be to those who have departed for a far better place, but never forgotten.

Revival Meeting with Grandpa and Grandma Smith on their property.

Revival Meeting with Grandpa and Grandma Smith on their property.

The task before me is so massive. I don’t know where to begin, but I do know that I will include my late husband, both of my parents, all of my grandparents, my sister and three brothers, my three children, my grandchildren and my in-laws. There will be teachers, pastors, neighbors, friends, students, and a few strangers. If this collection of  epistles is ever published, that would be one of the most influential things I’ve ever done. It doesn’t matter to me if any more of my work is published, except for the fact that if it be for the glory of my Lord, so be it.

Who has influenced me the most? Jesus! Maybe someday I’ll write about what my life, if I would even still be alive today,  would be like without Him. That will be a very dark story…yet, the story of a life redeemed.

If you could write one paragraph about one person that has influenced you, what would you write? Can you share that paragraph now? Will you encourage me in my letter writing project?

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2 Responses to Persons of Influence

  1. Deborah Hamel says:

    Your next project concerning being grateful and giving credit to those who have helped you, is an inspiring project. I wonder if a character profile through your eyes, on each person you want to write about, could fill a chapter, with other minor players also mentioned. You know, tell the stories recounting their actions and the setting when they influenced you. Of course I will support you in this endeavor. You are a good writer and you have always acted with a kind heart, so this project could be fun for you. Just keep it short, as to remain in control of the project.

    I would not be alive if not for my paternal grandmother. She was a very tall woman of 4′ 10″ and filled a room at 100 lbs. She was my rock during the darkest of my growing up years. Each day, she remains with me, in good times and in bad times. I could write so many examples of her direction and kindnesses toward me, and I have often considered writing short articles as examples of her gracious influence on my life. Such an undertaking could easily fill a book. You know, show not tell…

    Have fun with your project while sitting at your lovely desk.

    • Deb, I just now read your comment on my post, “Persons of Influence.’ Your story is unique and blessed me by reading about your grandmother. I’ve written letters to several people and plan to write a total of 100. When finished, I hope to make copies and share all with the 100. I do take too long to complete projects, though. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope you will write your stories, too.

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