It’s All About Me, Me, Me…EFFIE

Effie Gross and Effie Statler

Effie Alean (Groves) Gross and Effie (Smith) Statler; Smith Reunion; Des Moines, IA; 2009

From the time I was in elementary school, I cringed at the sound of my name: EFFIE. No one had that name, except Aunt Effie, my mother’s sister. I was named for her. She’s 101 years old now…and she was named for her Aunt Effie Smith. I guess you could do the math and say the name goes as far back as the Garden of Eden, or more accurately back to the 1860s.

The name Effie is a short form of  Euphemia of Greek origin and Oighrig of Gaelic origin,  meaning “well-spoken’  or “pleasant speech.” Usage is English (archaic) and Gaelic (Scotland). I am a descendent of the McNabb clan, so the Scottish version makes sense.

Old fashioned, the name “Effie” never became popular like “Linda” or “Karen.” Yet, Effie made Namberry’s list of 35 Names You’re Not Using, But Maybe You Should.

In 2013, only two babies per million were named “Effie.” Now that it’s 2014, I’m close to being one-in-a-million! Since 1959, Effie has a popularity rank of 0.000.  Hmmm. Oy veh!

So, I say, explain why some famous women with the name Effie include: artists, actors, musicians, models, poets, novelists, and an American painter. Two of my  favorites are Effie Trinket, a character from the movie, The Hunger Games and Effie Harper on the television series, Mama’s Family. The other outstanding woman is Effie Gray (born Euphemia Chalmers), Scottish model and wife of first, art critic John Ruskin and second, painter John Everett Millais. This Effie caused a scandal in Victorian England. When I visited my local bookstore recently and saw a book by the title, Effie, I had to buy several copies. It’s the biography of Effie Gray.

Then there’s the Effie Awards every year for marketing communications. Effie Worldwide, Inc. is a non-profit organization honoring those with the most effective marketing ideas.

Forgive me, but I must quote Effie Trinket: “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Let me know your name’s history. Do you like your name? Ask me about how you can receive a “new name” written down in glory for all eternity.

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1 Response to It’s All About Me, Me, Me…EFFIE

  1. Ruth Siemens says:

    Interesting! If people are not naming their baby Effie now, I guess one could say that dates you!!

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