Never In A Million Years

“Life can turn on a dime,” I heard a speaker say recently. How true, I thought, reviewing  my own past experiences.

For me, life changed completely ten years ago when my husband passed away quite suddenly. I’ve had to do a lot of things that I never would have imagined in a million years: run his contracting business, move back to Iowa (then back to Arizona), return to teaching college, and make a myriad of decisions–alone.

Moonlight on Fountain8X10

Over the years I’ve written a host of articles in various genres for publication. I’ve done numerous jobs from working for the IRS to caring for special needs kids. Not withstanding, my passion has always been for writing and teaching…but sometimes “life can turn on a dime.”

With retirement lurking just behind the closest cactus, I knew a career change should be considered…immediately. I wrestled with leaving all that I loved, writing and teaching. Finally, my heart and mind began to grasp the idea of working in real estate.  It all seems surreal, but here I am, an Arizona licensed real estate “Sales Executive.”

Now, I don’t sell swamp land anywhere on the planet, but I will help clients find the home of their dreams. Who knows? Maybe you will find yourself doing something you never imagined in a million years.

Tell me your story. Have you had a vision or a dream that changed the course of your life? How did it turn out?

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PHOTO: Courtesy of MCO Realty; Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

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5 Responses to Never In A Million Years

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  2. audrakrell says:

    Yes! I’ve heard a calling that changed my life. God spoke to me in church, clear as day. He said, “You are going on a mission trip, and it’s going to be a medical mission trip.” I was scared, but stepped out in faith, and went on the trip. It changed my life 3 years ago. Now I’m on week three of a double degree nursing program. By 2017 I’ll be an RN as well as earn a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree. I’m so excited to learn new ways to care for God’s people. Never in a million years did I think I’d be a nurse!

    • Audra, Congrats on working on your nursing degree with set goals for your future. What a blessing when we hear the voice of God and respond to Him. I’ve seen a few photos of your medical mission trip on FB. You are an inspiration! Our Lord is amazing to call us in a totally different direction. Life is so interesting!

  3. Deborah Hamel says:

    First, let me say what a beautiful image of the Fountain Hills fountain in the moonlight. Is it your photograph? If so, it is hauntingly beautiful, breathtaking.

    Many times in my 61 years, has God intervened in my life, changing my path without my permission. How arrogant is that…I’ve learned about God’s time and God’s path, many times there has been a painful lesson. The most recent intervention is our relocation from our home of 20 years in Gilbert, Arizona, our intended retirement nest, to a new residence in Gallup, New Mexico. I am counting on you, Effie, to find someone who would appreciate our homestead. You have been there several times, tasted the fruits of the trees and garden, and enjoyed the setting. You know of the special assets of this wonderful place. I’m hoping the sales commission will be yours.

    • Deb, The photo of the Fountain Hills fountain at night is courtesy of MCO Realty. I’m not sure who the photographer was, but I agree it is awesome! I know that your path has changed and I’m so excited for you to follow your direction to NM. Yes, I love your Gilbert home. I’d love to take a buyer there, but no prospects right now. I hope you’re enjoying you new home…miss you, though.

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