The Psychology of Insomnia

Counting sheep? Listening to the clock tick? Drinking warm milk or hot tea? All are potential signs of insomnia.

A Little Needed Rest--Jesse. Photo by Effie-Alean

A Little Needed Rest–Jesse. Photo by Effie-Alean

Me? It’s 5:23 a.m. I went to bed at 11:00 p.m. and slept for an hour. When I heard a buzzing on my clock radio, I awoke, but it wasn’t the alarm. After 15 years the clock on my night stand developed an electrical short. The static sounded intermittently, grating on my last nerve. I yanked the plug on the thing–with memories dating back to when my late husband gave it to me, declaring that his internal clock was more reliable. He could get up early without music or a jarring buzz.

So, I’m awake. I read the December 29th devotional from Oswold Chanbers’, My Utmost for His Highest. I noticed underlining and a marginal comment I had inscribed back in 2001. Today, I saw some other revelation entirely. Chambers wrote about the “heavenly vision,” and about God’s will for the individual. Would I be a deserter or a disciple?

Honestly, for quite some time, I’ve deserted the writing vision God gave to me. Because I thought I needed to take care of myself, I had devoted my time to scraping up a few dollars toward my income…and neglected the vision of writing a new novel. I didn’t think I could follow my dream, much less something so intangible as a vision from heaven.

Now, in the breaking dawn of this new day near the end of the year 2012, I realize that I’ve been guilty of neglect and disbelief. No more, for God will take care of me. I can’t desert Him in His calling on my life…which is more than bread and meat (physical needs).

I must write. I will write the new historical novel in my head. The working title is: The Presentation. It’s about food, art theft, Hitler, and retribution. About a horrific wrong during WWII being righted at last.

In the dark hours of night, like King Ahasuerus in Esther 6:1-3, I couldn’t sleep. He asked what honor and dignity had been shown to Mordecai the Jew for sparing his life. When the king found out that there had been none, he went about to settle the account. The would-be assassins were killed and Mordecai was promoted, thus saving all Jews from annihilation.

The Psychology of Insomnia? Wake up! Settle the account. Honor God.

What do you do when you can’t sleep? How have you benefited from sleep deprivation?

Now that my eyes have been opened, I can truly say, “Good night!” (Put the emphasis where you like. I’m too tired to care.)

For whether we (those who have obtained salvation by Our Lord Jesus Christ) wake or sleep–we should live together with Him (I Thes. 5:10).

P.S. Special thanks to Barry and Violet Berger for the birthday gift of Chambers’ book given to me back in 1994. For many years Roland and I read it together over coffee every morning. A meal of strong meat to start the day.

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12 Responses to The Psychology of Insomnia

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  2. Jon says:

    I’m still looking for the “Like” Button.

  3. Floyd says:

    Wow. Love the passion! As God’s children we should be passionate. We have the promise of provision, we just tend to worship it instead of the Provider.

    Good for you, Effie! If it’s in your heart to write, write like the wind… There’s plenty of time for sleeping and rest later! If there’s anything I can do to help let me know. I pray this year will be marked by this attitude all year and all life long… for all of us.

    Thanks for the boost. Interesting how God uses it in us sometimes for the benefit of many.

    • Floyd, You always say the nicest things. Thank you so much. I pray that I won’t forget and won’t neglect what God has shown me. I pray for your writing, too. Yes, we never know how the Lord will speak to another through our thoughts and words. All the best…write like the wind, Floyd. Those words are so good that the wind carried them back to you! Blessings my brother.

  4. Dear Effie, Very interesting blog. I read it to the family and it was an encouragement to start the new year with hope and industry to accomplish

    • Rosemarie, You are such an inspiration to me. Without you, I probably would have quit writing. I’m sure I wouldn’t have gone to the conference in Dallas without your encouragement. I am praying that your book will get “finished” soon and in the hands of a good agent…and published! I sure do miss you. We have a lot of writing to do in 2013. I miss our walks, too. See you soon.

  5. Audra Krell says:

    I too, haven’t started that second novel. It’s difficult while waiting for publication on the first, but I’ve heard that when you start writing the second, the first often will get published. Inspiring post Effie, every blessing to you in 2013.

    • Audra, I agree on that waiting part. It takes a lot of faith and patience. I hadn’t heard about the first getting published after a writer starts the second, but I’m in agreement! I hope you are feeling okay now. Keep up the good work, Audra. I just know that your day is coming!

  6. Betty Draper says:

    Effie-Alean, I too was encouraged by your post. Like you I read Oswold Chambers for years but somewhere in the last few moves I have lost my devotional. I do hope someone came across it and benefit from it’s worn pages as I did.

    Chronic insomnia has been with me for most of my life. Have tried all the natural ways to cure but sleep still ecape me often When we were overseas I resorted to some sleep meds when we traveled into the remote places just so I could get a good nights sleep. The place we went into were rugged, some only reached by helicopter. God has given me some of the sweetest profound thoughts during those hours of sleeplessness. Not ever time but enough that I try not to waste those minutes as they tick by.

    There is a time to just soak in what words God brings and a time to let them fly from your mind to the keys of a computer. Sound like your soaking time if over. Let them fly sister, let them fly.

  7. Betty,
    Thanks so much for your reply. I know a little more about you now. Were you in the ministry as missionaries, military, or private work while overseas?
    About sleeplessness, when inflicted by it, I try to pray or ask God why I can’t sleep. Once, the Lord woke up my daughter just as her husband was having a severe diabetic reaction. One never knows all of the “whys” but we know there is a reason.
    I love your last paragraph. I’m letting the thoughts and words fly to my keyboard. I will let them fly. Thanks, again, for you encouragement.

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