Do What You Want…Until

My motto is simple: “Do what you want, until someone tells you that you can’t.” Even then, you can “do what you want.”

I credit my first-born son with that quote. It’s distorted a little, but then, I’m just following my own motto. Actually, Kendahl said, in jest, “I can do anything, until they find out I can’t.” In all fairness, he was referring to his job skills at age 22 and a recent college graduate.

French Police in Paris~~Photo by Effie-Alean

I took my motto in 2001 to Paris where a friend, Sharon B., and I slipped into an expensive gallery that hadn’t had its grand opening, yet. We sauntered into the business behind a delivery man. As he was preoccupied, we browsed, looking at expensive artwork, furniture, and fancy lighting. “Do What You Want…Until…”

Sharon noticed a guest registry on a beautiful cherry wood desk, so we picked up a pen and signed our names and addresses. Proudly, we signed from the USA. Giggling at our cleverness, we took several pictures of the items all around us, including the guest register.

By this time, we had aroused the owner. She stood on an upper balcony shaking her finger at us while the security cameras got it all on tape. In French, she said something that sounded a lot like angry curse words. We smiled and said, “Pardon,” in the best accent we could muster. Now, Sharon is French, but her language is just enough to fool a few tourists.

Needless to say, we left the exquisite shop promptly with the owner’s words still ringing in our ears. But Sharon and I had experienced some fun on a little lark and no harm was done. We had to run to catch up with my sister Mynita and another friend, Diane K. They had gone on down the sidewalk, pretending not to know us. In case you’re wondering, the police never came; none of us were arrested.

In my novels, Foxtrots and Foxholes and The Unveiling, a few characters display this same kind of spontaneity. In this  2012 New Year, I hope you’ll take a few risks, too. Be careful, though, and don’t blame me when you get into a jam. Instead, say, “Merci beaucoup!”

Thank you! Now, I leave you with this caveat, “I don’t suggest that you disobey any of the 10 (or 613, for my Jewish friends) Commandments.” When we keep them sacred, the grand opening is called, “Abundant life.” Everyone is Welcome!

In finding that no one can keep God’s law, we have an escape: Messiah Jesus. He didn’t break any of the Commandments. He said, “I am the door,” and invited everyone to enter. He won’t kick anyone out, either. (Paris and the rest of the world are owned by Him.)

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8 Responses to Do What You Want…Until

  1. Deborah Hamel says:

    Members of the Progressive/socialist groups, including Obama, embrace a similar MO.

  2. Floyd says:

    You are quite the troublemaker! I used to be a little more spontaneous… Gotta work on that.

    I’ve been known to bend a rule or two! Not to say that I’m as mischievous as you!

    • Oy! The word is out. To set the record straight, in nineth grade, my class decided on the “ideal girl,” and assigned each member a quality. I was liked for my SHYNESS.

      Floyd, I’ll bet that your wife, kids, and siblings could tell me a few tales about your mischievous ways! But, this is not a contest (thank heaven)! PS Please don’t interview my siblings or my kids about me. lol

      My sister would tell you about the pink cowgirl hat I tried on in Paris, and my kids would tell you tales foreign to even me.

      Keep writing, Floyd. I enjoy your blog so much. You’re honest and open.

  3. Carole says:

    It sounds like you and sister and friends were having a too good of a time for those stuffy and humorless French types! Oh my!

    I will be there Friday and hope to see you then. I have news.


    • It was a wonderful trip, my second to Paris. We were not on a tour, so we had a lot of time to get into trouble on our own. I wish I could return.

      I can’t wait to hear your news. Have a great day…keep writing your funny stories.

  4. Memories like that are lots of fun. I think we have a few during our trip in Russia. Remember the Mafia sitting behind us at the Russian Ballet?
    I especially like your endings. They tie our beautiful hope into every situation.Love, Rosemarie

    • I’ll never forget our month in Europe. It was so much fun and so very relaxing. Yes, I remember the mafia with their gold jewelry and flashy clothes. I’m just glad that our driver came to get us and took us straight to our hotel. I had envisioned a back alley and who knows what! We were so blessed to stay in such luxury while away. The cruise ship to Russia from Estonia was fun, too. You got the injured foot and I got the top bunk!

      Thanks for your support and encouragement. Miss you so much!

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