Rosie the Riveter

WWII Plane Flying Over Fountain Hills, AZ on Veteran's Day 2011--Photo by Effie-Alean

The sound of rivet guns ringing in her ears, Rosie the Riveter took her work at the shipyard  or at Boeing aircraft seriously during WWII. When the holes had to be reamed out to make them larger, Rosie did that, too. To avoid accidental attack, she had to walk gingerly around powerful air hoses laying on the ground as she went to the restroom or leave for the day. Metallic smells brought on nausea, but she never quit. Her slogan was “We Can Do It!”

In my novel, Foxtrots and Foxholes, millions of Rosies had heeded the call as a result of the government’s propaganda campaign. After all, norms were being challenged. White, middle-class women did not work outside of the home, until they were first sold on the importance of the war effort. May 29, 1943, Norman Rockwell’s image of Rosie appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. The demands of the labor market propelled even women with  young children to take high-paying war jobs. Between patriotism and economics, women found good reason to trade, in some instances, homemaking for bomb making.

After the war, most women returned to raising children and caring for their homes and husbands (as evidenced in the 1950s), but society’s attitude toward working women changed forever. A lively debate could be made as to the benefits or hindrances of such change, a topic for a future post.

Today, some 70 years since WWII, America fights other enemies throughout the world. Attitudes have changed regarding support of the war effort. Some have never known the blood sacrifice of men and women fighting for freedom to be enjoyed by all. Others can never forget.

I wonder about so many things: Where are the riveters? Where are the people who engage themselves in worthy causes for the sake of a better America? My fondest dream is to say, “I’m engaged!”

And I don’t mean to a man…just any earthly man. I want to be riveted to life. As a matter of fact, I’ll lift my glass to that. “L’Chayim! To Life!”

All is rosy when we’re riveted to the Giver of life.


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7 Responses to Rosie the Riveter

  1. Women are stepping up, they are simply doing it quietly, necessarily, to support their family. The groups of people in support of the country stand proudly, for example: the Tea Party groups. Others are stepping up in a new way, via entitlements. Nearly 45% of our nations peoples are some how receiving entitlements to live, a pathway also supported and encouraged by our current White House resident and Progressive congressional leadership. We all need to step up and vote!

  2. Carole says:

    Effie ;

    Wonderful – as usual! I just waned to say you are right on asking ‘where are the riveters’ And where are the people that even care about doing something worthy for their country? (Those who are in or have been in the service, Thank you for your service, you are the best.) My reference is meant to include our ‘civil servants’. You know, the ones I am talking about – the ones who offer and promise, the corrupted ones who go into to politics begging to be elected so they can serve their constituents and bring us reform etc. and then they steal and steal and lie – lining their pockets with OUR taxpayer money.

    I wonder what would happen if some fine and unfettered people were to go to Washington – from both parties and immediately begin to methodically reform each and every law and get them untangled, throwing out the selfish interests that are written in by the the selfish ‘me first’ guys
    and worked together without any influence from anyone of either party. I will pray and try to believe there are such people who could look only to the honesty in the hearts and minds of one another and simply want to set things right by the truths in the Constitution. Yes, I pray for the help of God to bring to us the Miracle Citizens who would have a pure heart and no ambition to
    achieve Power and thus be corrupted. Instead, they would have one and, only ONE vision – the desire to work only for the actuality of getting the mess of Washington cleaned up and running on
    smooth, non-partisan, honest wheels. IMAGINE HOW SMOOTHLY things could run if only
    honest and pure of heart, dedicated public servants were elected to do the selfless, who would have the strength to stand on their principles and bring this amazing country back to it’s
    precious and proud position in this world.

    Effie, am sorry to have written such a long comment to your article, and, I give you permission to edit or to delete it in whole. I just had to get the response that was formed in my mind as i read your words and i felt i joined in with my heartfelt opinions and expressed them. Now I feel better!
    And, I will pray for the Pure of heart and mind to appear very soon to help our USA TO AGAIN FLY THE FLAG WITH PRIDE! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
    And may God bless you, too, Effie. You bring it to us with an pure heart and mimd and i want to
    thank you for that!

  3. Floyd says:

    I love and appreciate your attitude. God gives us much to be riveted about, although we have to have our eyes and hearts open to see it, other whys, we might trip over the powerful air hoses of life. It’s hard to see anything laying with our face in the ground. Excellent post my friend. Thanks.
    Signed: “seeking to be riveted.”

    • Floyd,
      I do believe that you’re one riveted guy! Your focus on the Lord and His will is a wonderful example of being engaged in this world of woe. Thanks for making a mark on your world…by the grace of God.

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