And All That Jazz!

1930s Radio photo by Effie-Alean

I can still hear my mother’s voice when she expressed a strong opposing opinion. Always, Thelma Groves ended her comments with, “And all that jazz!” Mother could have continued her thoughts on any given subject, but she knew when to conclude.

“And all that jazz” summed up the entirety. Usually, I just nodded my head. Sometimes I wondered where she ever came up with her ideas; they were so bazaar. As more time passes, I am inclined to agree with her on so many levels.

Mother spoke out on promiscuous sex, abortion, movies and music filled with profanity, and nudity on TV and in the streets of Des Moines…and all that jazz. “It’s downright shameful,” she would say. “People act like animals–animals!”

Once she accidentally bought a movie ticket for a show with immorality depicted, and she proudly walked out. For years, and I do mean years, she told about the horridness on the silver screen.

Back in Mom’s day, she joined her family in “watching” the radio, saw the introduction of black and white “talkies,” danced the Charleston, and sang in her father’s  lodge meetings. She taught Sunday school, though not much more than a girl herself. She worked and gave her father money to help buy clothes for her younger siblings. Mom knew a good time, but she also knew the value of hard work, sacrifice and commitment to family.

No one’s perfect, including Mom. I don’t mean to glorify her; yet, now in heaven, Mom is absolutely perfect…in glory. All the times she nearly drove me and a few others crazy with her strong opinions, are a memory I wouldn’t trade for all the Jazz on earth…and I really do like Jazz.

Unfortunate for some, I’ve followed Mom’s example. My tendency is to be pretty vocal about the things that concern me. The welfare and future of the Church, our nation and our world are quite troubling, not only to me, but to my daughter, too.

Oh, no! It’s a generational thing, and she has twin daughters. Get ready. We will speak out on issues of religious and political nature: Israel, American politics, education, the economy, and more. I doubt that our forthrightness comes from the genes, or from a good example. Mostly, we are plain tired of the progressive world system. Until Jesus comes again, we must do as He commanded: “Occupy.” And I’m pretty sure our Lord didn’t mean Wall Street. Of course, “occupy” does mean sharing the gospel and shining our Light in a dark world, just like the light my mother beamed across that dark movie theatre when she walked out on indecency…and all that jazz!

Someday, Jesus will make the last trumpet sound, putting an end to… “And All That Jazz!” Now that’s music to my soul. Shalom.

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3 Responses to And All That Jazz!

  1. Floyd says:

    Awesome! I too can be a bit over bearing, but it certainly does teach our kids how to stand up to a lost and confused world who is to afraid to be different. I’m glad you are. Love the story and the ending. You know I’m a sucker for a catchy ending!

    • You’re certainly different, too, Floyd. Not many men today show the care and give the time you have to a group of “older” ladies you don’t even know. The only thing that seemed to matter to you was that we were Christian family with a “techie” need. Thanks, again, for helping us with blogging. I’m glad your children have such an excellent example in you. Keep standing, brother…folks can see/hear you better that way!

      • Floyd says:

        Effie, you’re too kind. It was completely my pleasure and honor to get to know my family and be part of their lives. “The world needs one more Christian writer.”… Glad to hear your voice in this world. We could use a whole lot more of it.

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