Remembering 9/11…Never Forget

All of us who are old enough remember the instant we heard the news: America is under attack! On 9/11 ten years ago, I was fumbling around in the bedroom, just getting awake. My sister called and told me to turn on the television.  In horror, I watched with the rest of the world as the second tower was hit by an evil enemy.

Today, the USA is different. Today, the citizens of the USA are changed. As a strong nation, we will not only survive, we will thrive. That’s the kind of belief that kept our founding fathers on their path to freedom.

So, today, when we say, “God Bless America,” may we trust the heart of God to do just that.

To read a published article that I wrote on this subject, go to

All the best…


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3 Responses to Remembering 9/11…Never Forget

  1. Floyd says:

    Excellent reminder, “God bless America.” Thanks.

  2. Steve evets says:

    Effie – I liked your blog and your patriotism, I will try to say tuned. . .
    Steve (writers group)

  3. You must be a loyal patriot yourself, Steve. I look forward to seeing more of your writing, too.

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